Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Luxury Apartments With Pool in Croatia on the Island of Brac

Hello Blog Readers, Before I start my discussions, Let Me Introduce - Apartments On Croatia

Because We (Me And My Family Members) had GREAT POSITIVE EXPERIENCES with Villa Kogo team.

Villa Kogo is a modern luxury villa with a swimming pool located in Hvar town, Croatia in the peaceful part of town just 100 meters from old city center.

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Croatia is a small county in South-Eastern Europe with a population of about 4.5 million people. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. Some people refer to this county as the "pearl of the Adriatic Sea" thanks to its rugged coastline with 1185 islands and islets. We can say that it is divided into five main regions: Slavonia, Central Croatia, Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia.

Most of Croatia has a continental climate and coldest parts of the country are Lika and Gorski kotar around which many picturesque little villages are scattered. On the territory of Croatia there are eight national parks: Brijuni, Kornati, Krka, Mljet, Paklenica, Plitvice Lakes, Risnjak i Northern Velebit. It would be a shame not to visit at least one of them on your tour. Throughout centuries this small country has been successful in many areas such as science, sports, literature etc. Nikola Tesla who invented electricity, Slavoljub Penkala who invented mechanical pencil, Faust Vrancic who invented a parachute are only few of many famous people. Croatia is also the fatherland of a necktie and you have probably all heard of famous brother and sister, Janica and Ivica Kostelic who have won several gold medals in skiing.

Croatia used to be an unlikely vacation destination, but over the last ten years it has become more prominent as people are waking up to what this beautiful country has to offer to people of all backgrounds and interests. In 2005, around 10 million tourists visited Croatia. Croatia has some beautiful baroque inspired cities with amazing tourist attractions such as medieval castles and world heritage sites. Many people however are visiting the beach resorts such as Dubrovnik to enjoy the Mediterranean-like sunshine and water sports.

Croatia is a southern central European country which has around 4 and-a-half million residents and has many neighboring countries such as Serbia, Slovenia and Hungary; the west of the country shares its borders with the beautiful Adriatic Sea. The capital of Croatia is Zagreb which is home to around 700 thousand people. Tourists enjoy visiting the country and the Croatia apartment rentals and Croatia villa rentals are very popular with visitors and help to supply the country with a healthy tourism industry.

Looking for a relaxing day at the beach where children can be entertained with different activities and play safely in shallow water? Most of the beaches in Croatia are pebbly, rocky and narrow, but they have the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.

Croatian coast doesn't abound in sandy beaches, but lack of sand ensures the waters are some of the clearest and cleanest in the world.

The finest feature of private tours is that the guests would be free to make all their favorite choices concerning many aspects of their trip. Travelers would identify everything that would please them during their private tour to Croatia and they would enjoy the luxury of being with their family members or friends, all by themselves, together with their tour guide that would dedicate all his efforts to make them happy.

Guests would have the chance to specify the approximate time to begin their tours in Croatia, they would be free to have a break whenever they want, or even call it a day when they are tired. They would not be tied to any sort of group limitations or obligations. Private tours to Croatia is among the best we offer in Europe and they are highly recommended in the spring season.

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