Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Turkey Holidays at Sultanahmet District in Istanbul

Here I am again with my another POSITIVE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE at Istanbul Hotels.

Yes, Still I do not forget my days at Premist Hotel in Sultanahmet District, Istanbul, Turkey, located at the heart of the historic atmosphere of Istanbul.

200 meters away from Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum and Blue Mosque and in walking distance to Grand Bazaar, Basilica Cistern and Hippodrome in the historic peninsula.

The historic atmosphere of Sultan Ahmet in which our hotel is located is reflected in all materials used in Premist Hotel, furniture specifically designed for each room, high ceilings and solid wooden floors.

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Everyone knows that the ancient city of Istanbul is located on the site of the capital of the Byzantine Empire - Second Rome as it is often called - Constantinople. The connection between these cities is continuous. Istanbul is Constantinople itself which has just become the capital of the Ottoman Empire, the victor of the Byzantine Empire. But few of those who go to Istanbul for the first time know that Sultanahmet district is in fact the whole Constantinople.

Here are virtually all the most important sights of the city built in the Greek period. Hagia Sophia - one of the four major Christian churches in the world, - the remains of the Constantine's church, the underground reservoir Yerebatan, finally, the legendary Hippodrome covered with monuments of ancient Rome, Egypt, Greece... All this is preserved to this day! And everything that is not under the open sky - although there are lots of such monuments in Sultanahmet area - is assembled in the Archaeological Museum of Istanbul. That this is the main advantage of Sultanahmet hotels. You will live in two or three minutes walk from the most magnificent monuments of Istanbul! In Sultanahmet you can easily rent a room overlooking the Blue Mosque and St. Sophia visible from almost every corner of the area. So Sultanahmet hotels will give you the opportunity to spend minimum of time on the way to places of Istanbul worth getting acquainted with.

Sultanahmet is where Saint Sophia and the Blue mosque have been facing each other for many centuries, and these are iconic buildings, along with the Topkapi Palace which is also close to them. There is a park now separating these two museums, and on the left hand side, as you walk towards what is reputed to be the oldest church in Christendom, you will see the tram-lines and modern trams which will take you to the Grand Bazaar or down to the Bosporus. At the corner, near the tram stop you will see the Mosaic cafe, which serves fusion food, a blend of East and West which is what Istanbul ultimately is. If you turn right and walk past the cafe you will come to a cul-de-sac which houses the Sah (pronounced shah) bar, bistro and restaurant which serves very good Turkish food and where, on a Tuesday and Friday you can hear live music from the Istanbulls, a local group. It is a pleasant place to sit and one of my hideaways when I have had enough of the hustle and bustle.