Thursday, July 7, 2016

There’s No Place like Rome

What started as a quaint village on the banks of the Tiber became the greatest empire the world has ever known. Rome has been called “the Eternal City” for its resiliency against wars, corruption, disasters, and time. Walk the streets of this ancient metropolis and feel the past come alive.

As you stand in the Forum you can practically see Julius Caesar and Cicero appear before your very eyes. Rome’s ancient past is not her only allure. Rome is the epitome of romance, in fact, the word “romance” is derived from “Rome”. Wander the seemingly endless streets, past fountains, and jutting ruins and you will see that love is in the very air of Rome.

You cannot help but be swept away by it. Visit Rome and see why it has been a favorite for lovers for thousands of years.

These days there are alternatives to hotel rooms and fast-paced tours. You can now easily rent an apartment in Italy for prices cheaper than a hotel. Rent an apartment near the fashionable Via Condotti and walk from the Spanish Steps to the House of Valentino.

Are you a history lover? Apartment rentals on Petrocelli will place you with walking distance of the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, the Forum and Palatine Hill. Maybe you’re a fan of architecture. Rent an apartment near the beautiful Altare della Patria or the medieval Trastavere.

With so many available apartment rentals in Rome there is no reason not to take this opportunity to visit Italy. For the price of a Disney vacation or week at the beach you can breathe the Roman air and perhaps even find romance at the Fountain de Trevi.

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