Monday, May 12, 2014

My Vietnam Tour - A Dazzling Blend Of Modernity And Tradition

Dear All Blog Readers, Again I am with you another "Travel Talks about Vietnam", So Get Ready to discover about this place.

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A country with enchanting natural beauty and tranquil village life, Vietnam is known all over the world as one of the outstanding travel destinations. Situated in Southeast Asia, this 'S' shaped country remains abuzz with tourists throughout the year. More than 3.77 million tourists tour Vietnam every year. With China in the north and Laos and Cambodia in the west, Vietnam is a perfect blend of ancient cultures in modern colors. Vietnam is blessed with enthralling highlands and rainforest regions. Its islands and beaches are the finest in Southeast Asia region. Vietnam is a booming economy. According to the BBC report of 7 April 2011, Vietnam inches to be a developed country by 2020.

Sapa is just a train-ride away from the hustling city of Hanoi. It is home to the country's minority groups coming from North Vietnam and South West China. Means of transportation around the area would be by trekking or by riding on horses.

The most unforgettable adventure in this Vietnam tour would be having the chance to witness the love market. This is a special occasion which is a described as a cross between the a Middle Eastern arms bazaar, a bad Pavarotti concert, a peacock mating ritual, an Amish square dance and Bangkok's more decent Patpong - you get the picture. If you're observant enough, you might even witness some of the younger members of the hill tribes in their courting rites. Listen to the wonderful melodies of love songs being sung to woo their mates.

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