Monday, March 10, 2014

Enjoy Xian One Day Tour with Many Attractions

Hey all of You - My Loving Blog Readers, After 2 Days "Full Weekend FUN with my friends" here I am again with you.

Yesterday Night, I talked my positive TRAVEL EXPERIENCES about "Beijing to Xian One Day Tour" with my friends which I am going to share here with you also.

So, Let's Start,   

Xi'an, a city drenched in history and culture dates back to one million years ago which there were 13 dynasties had established their capital cities here from the 11th century Before Christ to the Tang Dynasty (618-907A.D.). And occupying the prime central location in China, it is dotted with the most mysterious and the mind-blowing tourist attractions in the country. The most distinguishing feature of Xi'an is that it has retained its ancient heritage and culture of the bygone era.

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda was built in the year of 652 A.D. during the rule of the Chinese Emperor Gaozong of the Tang Dynasty. In ancient times, this structure functioned to collect Buddhist materials taken from India by hierarch Xuanzang. When the Big Wild Goose Pagoda was originally constructed, it was sixty meters tall and included five stores.

The modern pagoda is now nearly five meters taller than it once was with an additional two stories. From the outside, this building looks squarish and cone-like, a structure type that is simple, but amazing all the same. The Big Wild Goose Pagoda can be considered a masterpiece of Buddhist construction style. The pagoda was built with brick, which can help to explain why it is one of the most well preserved ancient buildings in the world. Once inside this pagoda, you will find a staircase that will lead to an overlook in which you can see much of Xi'an city. Statues of Buddha are finely engraved on the walls throughout this structure. These engravings were done by the famous artist Yan Liben, who was part of the Tang Dynasty.

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