Friday, May 11, 2012

Luxury Nile Cruises 2012 - Visiting Abu Simbel While Going on

Luxury Nile cruises offer the tourist an option to luxuriously visit the reign of Ramses and the temples he built to commemorate his victory in Abu Simbel.

The most popular method to explore the Egyptian civilization’s history these days is to opt for Luxury Nile cruises. These allow a tourist to visit the major Egyptian cities, explore the most important monuments and tombs and enjoy the comfort of a cosy and luxurious ship after a day full of sightseeing. The amenities in a cruise boat can range from multiple decks, larger/better furnished rooms and better amenities on the deck and rooms. One of the finest temples in Egypt is located in Abu Simbel and no cruise is complete without going to this town.

The town hosts a set of two temples near the border of Sudan – Egypt border. This temple was built almost 3300 years ago. This temple is devoted to Ramses II and depicts him commemorating with his queen after winning the battle of Kadesh.

There is also a statue of him with other three gods in the inner parts of the temple. One might think that the temple has managed to stay so long and should be allowed to stay there forever. But, it was cut from the foundation rocks and was shifted to higher grounds as the water from Lake Nasser was starting to rise after Aswan temple was constructed.

The temple is particularly famous during the month of October and February which marks the day of Ramses’s coronation and birthday. However, due to the shifting, the festival is celebrated a day later than what was originally intended by Ramses. Also, it is said that the architecture of Aswan dam is built in similar style of Ramses.

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